With 3D Metal Printing we offer you two different options, to produce a 3D printing component.

Binder Jetting (BJ)Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
The binder jetting process involves the selective application of binder droplets to the metal powder, causing the powder to stick together.
Then, after initial hardening, a sintering process is required to achieve the material properties. The shrinkage associated with the process is now solved in a process-safe manner.

The productivity of the BJ process is significantly higher than the SLM process.

By optimizing the “job”, the piece time is minimized. For example an impeller: With complex inner contour, cycle time of 3 minutes.
In the SLM-process, the metal powder is melted layer by layer by means of a mobile laser beam as it is applied, producing the cross-section of the component.

The following process steps must be taken into account:
* Support aids required to ensure dimensional accuracy, therefore reworking necessary
* Delay is to be expected due to heat Input
* Heat treatment always required – voltage due to welding process
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