MUCKI (C) lift tippers supplied through our subsidiary DIETERLE GmbH & Co. KG are successfully used in the most diverse industries, wherever bulk materials are transported, lifted, tipped, dosed or siphoned. They optimise the flow of bulk materials, ensure a safe flow of materials and minimise the stress for people as well as for the environment. The technical design is determined by the specific application and individual requirements of the customer.

DIETERLE(C) was incorporated into the JÖST Group in 2006, and JÖST vibration machines provide the perfect complement to DIETERLE (C) lift tippers. This synergy of technologies optimally extends our product range, enabling us to offer complex systems and complete solutions for the benefit of our customers.


Below you will find some of the market segments where MUCKI (C) lift tippers can be used:

  • Product supply to surface treatment plants in metal small-scale-industry – electroplate , coating, grinding
  • Product handling at the heat treatment equipment
  • Feed for conveyor ovens or batch furnaces
  • Feeding furnaces or in foundries charging plant
  • Granulate feed and pet supply in the plastics industry
  • Unpacking machines and racking system for the tobacco industry
  • Feed to mixer or packaging plant in cold storage
  • Feeding equipment in laundries
  • Applications in the food and beverage industry