melting-, holding- and dosing furnaces for non-ferrous metals magnesium plants, heat treatment, spare parts, service, trainings

vibrating technology, scales, automation, drives, sorting technology

die casting machines, die casting cells, automatization

moulding plants Seiatsu, automatic moulding plants, box-less moulding plant, casting machine

core shooters - gasing systems - sand conditioning - automatization - periphery plants - engineering - fetlling installation low pressure die casting plant

low pressure die casting machines (diecasting cells; tools), trimming press, gravity casting machines, entire plants, automatization

intelligent heating solutions flameless gas burner technology technologies for industrial thermo processes

X-Ray systems service and spare parts

hoisting- and tipping equipment

conveyor technology, process and automation engineering, slat conveyor

spray automation in the top performance segment for die casting and forging (standard spraying, ... to spraying to the minimum volume) cells automation, components, integration systems, turn-key systems

casting chambers (filling chambers with and without thermoregulation), gooseneck, gel spray products, piston rods, pistons and accessories

pass vortex mixer, land reclamation, molding lines, stations

process data and measuring systems for the die casting industry

manipulators, air hammers ,wedges

slotted wedge wire screens screens wire mesh conveyor belts filter media vibration damping

filters, special filters for vacuum die casting application