NEW – Heat Treatment by StrikoWestofen

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Heat treatment

  • The technically best and economically most sustainable heat treatment systems for the heat treatment of aluminum cast parts of any kind
  • Enormous cost saving potential thanks to minimized distortions and reduced energy use
  • Flexibility in design and manufacturing
  • ModernsteUltramodern quenching units and innovative
    product carrier systems


schmelzenStrikoMelter® – Melting furnaces of the highest possible efficiency and quality

  • Unparalleled energy efficiency and metal yield
  • Highest metal quality
  • The industry standard for aluminium
  • Wide range of versions for all applications
  • Proven EtaMax design



dosierenDosing, Westomat®– The original

  • The cleanest system with the highest possible process reliability for aluminium casting
  • New options make it perfect for casting structural components too
  • Unparalleled efficiency in terms of energy consumption and low metal loss
  • Minimized demand for maintenance and wear and tear parts



  • Short delivery time
  • 24h Hotline
  • High-end OEM quality worldwide
  • Large choice of modernization options